A Family Project! 

We purchased our 340 acre farm in 1969, and with a herd of 40 Holstein cows, dairy farmed for 20 years. In 1989, we sold our cows and ventured out on our family project to build a campground. Our workforce included myself (JoAnn), my husband Bernie, our son Ben, who at the time was 10 years old, and our daughter Carri, who was 7 years old then.

Being avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we brought a lot of insight into what we wanted the campground to represent. Building a campground that preserved the woods and trails in their natural state was our heart’s desire. We wanted to share the beauty of the land and its surrounding area with others, but with as little impact on the environment as possible. Our goal was to provide wooded campsites that were intertwined with natural trails, and to provide a sanctuary and refuge for small animals. When you visit us, you will see that we have accomplished that goal.

We situated the campground on the 80 acre parcel of our farm that formerly provided pasture for the cows, and we started to build. We have our own sawmill, so when I say that we built the cabins, bath houses, restrooms, the office and store and all of the other structures, we all literally went out into the woods, cut the trees for logs, and sawed all of the lumber.
During the years that have passed since we first started, we have grown from 25 sites to over 180 sites and are still expanding for seasonal campsites. It has been such a positive experience for us as a family. And we have this wide circle of campers that has grown year after year who are now our friends. So, come join us! Experience Hidden Valley Country!

In memory of Owner “Bernie”

  Bernard A. Waege


Greatly Missed by his wife, son & his wife , daughter & her husband, grandchildren, and camping family…We love you.